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How to cook mouth-watering bambara groundnuts
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How to cook mouth-watering Bambara groundnuts


In South Africa, Bambara groundnuts are found growing in Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland. Bring real African flavour to your meals with Bambara groundnuts and use our simple tips to make sure you prepare them to perfection.

Cooking Instructions:

The most popular ways to cook Bambara groundnuts are boiling, roasting and stewing. Soak them overnight to shorten your cooking time and add natural seasonings or Knorr products, like our Knorr Stock Pot, while cooking. Bambara groundnuts can also be milled into a flour! Roast and grind the groundnuts into a flour and use in your porridges, creamy sauces or soups.

How to cook mouth-watering bambara groundnuts

Top recipe using Bambara groundnuts:

Recipe Instruction:

Use Bambara groundnuts as a replacement to meat protein in your next meal. Add them to salads, or bulk up your next soup or beef stew with this delicious, nutritious Future 50 Food!

Bambara can be bought in shops like Gorima’s Spice Emporium and fresh vegetable markets.