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How to cook tender and tasty cowpeas
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How to cook tender and tasty cowpeas


Cowpeas are packed with goodness and flavour. Learn how to release both into your dishes with just a few helpful tips.

Cooking Instructions:

Like any legume it is always best to wash and soak cowpeas before cooking. This will shorten the cooking time and result in a more tender cowpea. Cowpeas absorb flavour and become very tender when boiled – making boiling the principal method of preparing cowpeas.

How to cook tender and tasty cowpeas

Top recipe using cowpeas:

Recipe Instruction:

Rich in protein, cowpeas are an excellent source of vegetable protein and can easily be used as a substitute for meat in saucy dishes. Like all peas, cowpeas really come to life when cooked in a sauce.

Stir boiled cowpeas into a curry sauce and allow the peas to soak up all the flavour before serving. Boiled and dried cowpeas can even be ground into a flour and then used as a gluten free substitute for cake flour when baking!

Where can you buy it: Pick ‘n Pay (tinned and raw), Woolworths (raw).