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How to prepare fantastic red cabbage
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How to prepare fantastic red cabbage


Not only is red cabbage absolutely delicious, it’s also very versatile and easy to prepare. Follow our simple tips and discover your new favourite way to enjoy red cabbage.

Cooking Instructions:

Preparing perfect red cabbage begins with choosing the right head. Choose a red cabbage that feels heavy and has bright, crisp leaves. Avoid any cabbages that have puffy leaves or have had the outer layers peeled back and removed. To begin preparation, strip off the outer leaves, wash and then slice into quarters.

Cut away the hard parts at the core, then chop or shred the rest. Red cabbage can be prepared in many ways – when boiling add vegetable stock pot for flavour and add a dash of vinegar to the water to stop your beautiful red cabbage from losing its colour.

How to cook red cabbage

Top recipe using red cabbage:

Recipe Instruction:

Like white cabbage, red cabbage can be used in a multitude of ways in combination with Knorr products. It has a slightly peppery taste with a crunchy texture. Red cabbage can be eaten in salads, burgers, slaws and sandwiches either raw, stir fried, boiled, steamed, pureed, fermented or braised.

To make your pumpkin leaves even creamier and to boost the vitamin A content, add some immature pumpkins pieces, or add depth to the earthy flavour of pumpkin leaves and an extra bump of protein with creamed Bambara groundnuts.

Red cabbage is widely available in modern trade super markets e.g Woolworths, Pick n pay, Food Lovers Market.