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Future 50 foods Fonio
Future 50 Foods



Arguably Africa’s oldest cultivated cereal, fonio is a grain known for its nutty, delicate taste and versatility. The Bambara people of Mali have a saying that “fonio never embarrasses the cook” as it is so easy to prepare and can be used in dishes to replace any grain.

Fonio is gluten-free and highly nutritious, containing iron, zinc, magnesium and phytonutrients. Not only can this scrumptious cereal be used in salads, crackers, pastas, and even in baked goods, it can be used in place of oats to make hot cereal, in place of couscous or rice in any dish and is delicious mixed with spices and olive oil as a side dish. It also can be utilised in brewing beer. It truly is a tasty jack of all trades!

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