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Maitake mushrooms
Future 50 Foods

Maitake mushrooms


Not only has the maitake mushroom been a staple in many diets around the world for centuries, but it has also been hailed and celebrated for its medicinal properties, too. In contrast with their delicate, feathery texture, this mushroom has a strong, earthy taste and can significantly enrich the flavours of other foods and various types of dishes.

Like other varieties of mushroom, maitake are a great source of vitamin B and vitamin D, and are delicious when cooked in foil with olive oil, or as a featured ingredient in omelettes, hot pots, stir-fries, stews and sauces.

Here’s a fun fact; maitake mushrooms can grow to weigh more than 45 kilograms – giving them the title ‘King of Mushrooms’.

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