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Knorr Bakes

Knorr Naturally Tasty

Instant flavour booster

Convenient, quick-to-dissolve KNORR Stock Pots add excellent depth of flavour to soups, stews, stir-fries, roasts and casseroles, because they’re made from real stock, slow simmered to perfection.

Deep, delicious flavour

With its irresistible flavours,  KNORR Cook-in-Sauce has so many uses in the kitchen. Use it to add richness to casseroles, hotpots and bakes, or to thicken and flavour pie fillings.

Pasta made simple

What could be more convenient than ready-to-cook pasta that comes with its own tasty sauce? You'll love our KNORR Pasta & Sauce - the quickest way to put dinner on the table!

So much flavour

Comforting, creamy soup needn't take hours to make! Our famous KNORR  Soup is made from a delicious blend of natural ingredients, and it's perfect for thickening stews and sishebos.