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bee hotel

The Concierge of a bee hotel

Sustainable farmers have to wear a lot of different hats: scientist, chef, mechanic, and sometimes, concierge. Making local wildlife feel at home on a farm helps pest control, pollination, compost, as well as simply making the farm a more enjoyable place to be. Here are just some of the things Knorr farmers do for our feathered, scaly, and slimy friends.

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  • Spicy Cowpea Quesadillas

    Cowpeas, one of Knorr’s Future 50 Foods ingredients, make a delicious, nutritious filling for Mexican-style quesadillas. Spice them up with KNORR Naturally Tasty Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix, add fresh veggies of your choice, then layer them with cheese between flour tortillas. The cowpea mixture in this recipe is so versatile – we’ve given you a double quantity so you can use half of it to make a delicious starter: Spicy Cowpea Hummus! You’ll find the link to the hummus recipe at the end of the method. - Claire Winstanley

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  • One-Pot Beef and Quinoa Stew

    A hearty, comforting beef stew made even more nutritious with one of our KNORR Future 50 Foods: quinoa. This gluten-free ancient grain is a complete protein because it contains all nine of the essential amino acids. Pack in plenty of fresh veggies, and use red wine, a KNORR Stock Pot and our famous Brown Onion Soup to create amazing layers of rich flavour. Serve with herby buttered bruschettas for an unforgettable family feast.

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  • Pesto and Feta Roast Vegetable Wrap

    Tender oven-roasted veggies are combined with cooked millet, pesto, feta cheese and hummus to create a delicious Mediterranean-style filling for wholewheat tortillas. Serve these colourful wraps with a simple leafy salad drizzled with KNORR Light Greek salad dressing, or prepare a triple batch on a Sunday for nutritious on-the-go lunchboxes during the week. Millet is one of our KNORR Future 50 Foods!

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