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Future 50 Foods
A Little Big Difference

Future 50 Foods

Future 50 Foods
Let’s go back to a better future

The Future 50 foods are a list of ingredients that are not only good for us but good for the planet. Our current dietary habits have forced farmers to over produce certain crops – resulting in less fertile soils and threatening our future food security.

Let’s rediscover heritage foods

Let’s rediscover heritage foods and start eating for a better future.

Future 50 Foods
Tips and tricks to cook fonio

Fonio is one of the world’s fastest maturing grains. Grown in West Africa, fonio has a nutty, delicate taste and can be used in the same way as rice, wheat, and other popular grains. It is gluten-free and highly nutritious, containing iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Fonio is an easy growing cereal

Fonio is an easy growing, drought-resistant cereal.

Future 50 Foods
For a sustainable food future

In January 2019, The EAT Foundation launched a report which highlights the changes we need to make to our global food system and the significant overlap between an environmentally-sustainable diet and a healthy diet.

A short interview on Future 50 Foods

A short interview on Future 50 Foods with Fabrice DeClerck

Future 50 Foods
Decrease your environmental impact & increase your meals nutritional value

Change the foods you eat! Dorothy Shaver, Knorr’s Global Sustainability Lead and Registered Dietitian, talks about The Future 50 Foods - a tangible way to decrease your environmental impact while increasing the nutritional value of your meals.

Improve your health

How can you improve your health and that of the environment?

Future 50 Foods
Chef Gregory Marchand’s Favorite
Future 50 Foods

Michelin-star Chef Gregory Marchand, the owner of “Frenchie” on the Rue de Nil in Paris, and its London outpost in Covent Garden, will share with you his favorite Future 50 Foods and his tips on how to cook Black Salsify, Buckwheat, Spelt and Lentils.

Tips on how to cook Black Salsify

Tips on how to cook Black Salsify, Buckwheat, Spelt and Lentils.